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Schedule of Readings

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Week 1, August 23rd Class Introduction

  •     Key Concepts & Organize Group Projects

Week 2, August 30th The World We LIve In

  •     We Live in Public, Ondi Timoner (available on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon)
  •     Erasing David, David Bond (available on iTunes, Amazon)

Week 3, September 6th

  •     Memorial Day, No Class

Week 4, September 13th What is Privacy? Why Does it Matter?

  •     "Privacy" in Encyclopedia of Philosophy


  •     History of Privacy Timeline


  •     Privacy in Context -Helen Fay Nissenbaum, Chps. 4 & 5
  •     "The Assault" from Privacy: A Very Short Introduction Raymond Wacks
  •     "A Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace" - John Perry Barlow


Week 5, September 20th Privacy and Information Part 1

  •     Blown to Bits, Chps. 1-4

Week 6, September 27th Privacy and Information Part 2

  •     Blown to Bits, Chps. 5-8, Conclusion

Week 7, October 4th The Fight for Control of the Network

  •     Anarchist in the Library, Siva Vaidhyanathan

Week 8, October 11th Controlling the Protocols Legally and Technically

  •     Code 2.0 -Lawrence Lessig, Chps. 1,2,10,11,12

        available via Creative Commons license at http://codev2.cc/

  •     DMCA-entry on Wikipedia


  •     "DMCA Unitended Consequences: Ten Years Under the DMCA"


Week 9, October 18th Government vs. Access

  •     Access Controlled, Part 1 and Selections from Part 2

Week 10, October 25th Cyberwar?

  •     Cyberwar: The Next Threat to National Security and What to Do About It-Richard Clarke, Intro Chps 1 & 8
  •     "The Future of the Internet and How to Stop it." -Talk by  Jonathan Zittrain


  •     "Has the Cyberwar Threat Been Exaggerated?" NPR Intelligence Squared Podcast

        Two Parts available via iTunes: http://bit.ly/aJZEVW http://bit.ly/bzJsiL

Week 11, November 1st Social Networks and Privacy

  •     "Social Networks: Public, Private, or What?" - danah boyd


  •     "Making Sense of Privacy and Publicity" - danah boyd


  •     "Evolution of Privacy on Facebook"


  •     "Facebook Friend Turns Into Big Brother"


  •     "China's Cyberposse"


Week 12, November 8th Corporations and Your Information

  •     "Personal Data in the Marketplace" in Privacy in Peril James Rule
  •     "What They Know" -Wall Street Journal


  •     "Beyond Google and Evil" - Chris Jay Hoofnagle


Week 13, November 15th Cameras Everywhere

  •     Urban Wolf


  •     Every Step You Take by Nino Leitner (film available on Amazon)
  •     "Some Thoughts on Google Street View in the US and UK"


Week 14, November 22nd Location Aware Surveillance 

  •     "Human Mobility" from Bursts Albert-Laszlo Barbasi
  •     "Location Make Mobile Mobile" -Ted Morgan


  •     "Prison Without Walls" from Atlantic Monthly


  •     "Geofencing" -Venture Beat


  •     "Check-Ins, Geo-Fences, and the Future of Privacy" -Erick Schonfeld


Week 15, November 29th Control Through Prediction

  •     "Google predicts spread of flu using huge data search"


  •     "Google, CIA Invest in 'Future' of Web Monitoring"


  •     "Crime Prediction Software is Here"


Week 16, December 6th

    Final Presentations



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